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The Government of the world, by the world, for the world.

What is FGW?

  • The Federal Government of the World (FGW) represents all humanity on this planet.
  • We are in the beta phase, preparing to be a global government.
  • FGW is created to solve global problems.
  • We are an internet-based organization without any physical location, and will always remain that way.
  • Our main focus is environmental issues and global security.

What We Believe

Human Identity

When we share an identity as a human, we share the sense of destiny. When we think we belong to the same group, we can truly cooperate. We believe that this is the foundation of the world federalism

Diverse thoughts and values

FGW is a political system, not an ideology. Under this global political umbrella, people should be allowed to have diverse thoughts and values. Sharing and tolerating that difference is something that makes FGW stronger.

What we aspire

Global Peace

Managing global conflict is the FGW's priority. To achieve peace, humanity needs laws and law enforcement, possibly with military capability. It might take time, but FGW shall create and enforce security rules on a global level.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is not working because humanity does not have the mechanism to make polluters bear the cost of environmental destruction. FGW shall play a vital role by establishing the standards of environmental protection and enforcing them through the global taxation system.

Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

Humanity can not stop the spread of nuclear weapons because the national governments do not punish a country that bleaches NPT. FGW will utilize its influencing power to encourage national governments to take NPT seriously, and possibly to punish a bleaching country.

Road Map

We are in the beta phase but will expand our capability quickly.

Identity influences our thought and behavior

Beta phase: Becoming a credible organization

We are in the beta phase. We do not have enough money or expertise to be a genuine government. So, at this phase, our main focus is to recruit global citizens and secure financial resources.

Mile Stone: To have enough human and financial resources

Identity divides us

Phase 1: Developing identification and voting system

We need to develop an identification system for our members so that there is no duplicated or fake account. We expect that it will be based on blockchain technology. And then we will develop a voting system, which enables us to make democratic decisions.

Mile Stone: To develop an identification and voting system

Identity can unite us within the same group

Phase 2: Formal recognition

After establishing a credible voting system, our decision will be counted as a will of humanity. This should lead to formal recognition among international organizations like the UN. We will ask for representation in the UN and possibly in the EU to express our opinion.

Mile Stone: To be recognized among international organizations

Universal Identity can unite all humanity

Phase 3: Law and law enforcement

When we have a democratic decision-making process and formal recognition in the international community, we are ready to make laws that govern the entire planet. Making laws require law enforcement capability, possibly with the military. This is important to deal with nations that cause a global crisis.

Mile Stone: To make laws and make them enforceable


Everything you need to know before you get started.

Are you affiliated with the UN or any other government?

No. We are an independent organization without affiliation with any governments or organizations.

If you become a member of the UN, isn't it a double count of a citizen through the national government and your organization?

Yes, it is. So probably we will not be able to vote in the UN or any other organization. After all, the UN is a gathering of national governments and we are not the one. Yet, we still seek to cooperate with it since it is a formidable global organization that is trying to unite this planet.

Do you believe that you can have an army?

Yes. But we think that it will take time. So, until then, our law enforcement capability will be delegated to national governments. This is what the UN does. We will cooperate with national governments and they will provide the police and military functions.

What can I do to help?

You can spread the idea of FGW to your family and friends. At this point, this is the most crucial activity we can do.

Do we need another bureaucracy in the Federal Government of the World?

We believe that humanity should have the Federal Government of the World, but with one note: The authority of FGW should be limited. FGW should deal with only international problems such as Environmental Protection, Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and Global Security. All other issues should be left to national or local governments, so the bureaucracy of FGW will be kept in check.

What is the role of human identity in FGW?

Human identity will play a crucial role in the creation of FGW. It is not mandatory to have the human identity to be a global federalist, but many of us do. Human identity will provide a sense of shared destiny and encourage us to cooperate. It is the glue that unites us and the fuel that makes this movement go forward.

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